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Apocalypse Baby (Paperback)


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Virginie Despentes
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"Virginie Despentes's "Apocalypse Baby" kept me up several nights in a row--in part because it's a terrific page-turner, and in part because I was anxious to see how Despentes would sustain her narrative ride. "Apocalypse Baby" is more than a compelling punk, queerish spin on the noir genre. It is a choral performance that tumbles its readers into the heart of violent spectacle, with all its attendant grief, unease, and unclarity."--Maggie Nelson, author of "The Art of Cruelty" and professor at the California Institute of the Arts"Virginie Despentes's social criticism is blistering, but her prose is laid-back. "Apocalypse Baby" is an addictive feminist thriller that reads like shameless gossip from your smartest friend."--Johanna Fateman"Apocalypse Baby" is a smart, fast-paced mystery about a missing adolescent girl traveling through Paris and Barcelona. She is tailed by two mismatched private investigators: the Hyena, part ruthless interrogator, part oversexed rock star, and Lucie, her plain and passive--almost to the point of invisible--sidekick. As their desperate search unfolds, they interrogate a suspicious cast of characters, and the dark heart of contemporary youth culture is exposed.Cult author and filmmaker Virginie Despentes has written many award-winning books, including "King Kong Theory," and "Apocalypse Baby," which won the 2010 Prix Renaudot when it was first published in France. She is the co-director of the screen adaptations of her controversial novels "Baise-Moi" and "Bye Bye Blondie."


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