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Mastering the World of Selling (Paperback)


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David Riklan
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Of the 17 million people in the United States who are involved directly or indirectly in sales, many repeatedly acknowledge facing four major challenges: No prior sales education or training; Lack of formalized sales training, resources, and methodologies provided by their companies; Due to the recession and downsizing era, lack of 12-18 month professional sales training for new hires provided by Fortune 500 companies; A consistent struggle to keep their sales force, distributors, manufacturers reps andaffiliates motivated and focused on effectively selling their products and services. Composed of candid advice from 100 leading sales trainers and training companies in the world, Mastering the World of Selling helps companies and entrepreneurs overcome these four major obstacles. There are many ways to be successful at selling, there is not one system, strategy or philosophy that works for everyone; this cutting-edge, all-inclusive resource provides readers with the best of the best."" Contributors offering hundreds of invaluable sales and skill-building tips include: Frank Rumbauskas, Jeffrey Gitomer, Zig Ziglar, Patricia Fripp, Jeff Thull, Jill Konrath, Michael Port, Terri Sjodin, Anthony Parinello, Dale Carnegie, Sandler Training, FranklinCovey SalesPerformance Group and many more!""--"

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