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The Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook (Paperback)

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Sophia Yin
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This book will help veterinary students find vital information fast, when every second counts. The Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook has become the profession's gold standard for finding the information needed for everyday clinical practice when and where needed In fact, more than 30,000 copies have been sold to veterinarians and veterinary students. This pocket-sized reference gives immediate access to accurate, practical information on 21 subjects, with handy headers, as well as sleek tables and charts.The Nerdbook places special emphasis on topics critical to the practice of routine clinical medicine, such as cardiology, toxicology, nutrition, critical care, infectious disease and dermatology. Charts, tables, diagrams, and outlines make skimming the information simple. It's ideal for clinical use and for board-exam review.The book features:- Concise tables and charts to illustrate content- Simple diagrams provide an alternative to text information- Index of commonly used drug dosages- Extensive references if more in-depth information is neededNew to the third edition:- The anesthesia section contains an illustrated instruction on nerve blocks and more on anesthetic monitoring.- The parasitology section summarizes the most updated CDC and CAPC recommendations and heartworm society recommendations.- The infectious disease section explains how to set up vaccine protocols.- A urinary section that follows the international Renal Interests Society staging system.- The GI section features a clinical diagnostic approach to diseases.Purchasing this resource gives access to additional information on the official Nerdbook website, including:- References and recommended readings- A neurologic exam check-off sheet- An illustrated overview of the nervous system- General protocols for behavior modification- Client handouts for prevention of common behavior problems- Videos illustrating behavior modification techniquesIn its third edition with loads of new and updated information, the Nerdbook is better organized, easier to understand and more clinically relevant than ever before.


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