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The Black Pullet: Or: The Hen With the Golden Eggs (Paperback)

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The Black Pullet has become infamous in the modern age for its contents; one part story and one part instructional guide, it was purportedly written in the 18th century- the original author remains a mystery.Teaching the art of talismanic craft, it promises that the reader, able to understand its content and possessed of a virtuous demeanor, will be capable of using its incantations and tools to obtain everything from the capability to become invisible to hoards of hidden treasure. Often conflated with other works published (confusingly) at times under thee same name, this nonetheless remains the singular true Black Pullet, which time and time again has been so mysteriously mentioned in lore.The reader is warned by this author; whosoever would use these rites and powers without divine guidance and a holy life will bring down the wrath of the Divine Being, and of the author himself, who proclaims his use of the talismanic arts to do so, perhaps having extended his lifespan beyond normal means.Take heed!


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